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"I have always found Anna 100% committed to the project, totally professional, incredibly talented and versatile. I am looking forward to working with her again in my future films."


- Henry Stephens, (film director)



"Had the honour to work with Anna and all I can say is: What a trooper!!! It was freezing cold, but she was making jokes and brought the whole crew morale up. When it was her time to act we were all amazed. All I can say for myself, the director, is thank you!"


- Alexander Bell, (film director)



"I worked with Anna on a recent shoot; she is extremely talented, professional and hard working! A lot of fun to be around too! I hope to work with her again soon!"


- Lea Daltry, (actress)




"Anna's acting skills are brilliant,

she is well organised and hardworking."


- Henry Nkoba, (film director)



"Very powerful actor with a wide range of skills. She was a pleasure to work with."


- Elliot T Mason, (writer and director)



 "I worked with Anna for three days on a short... she is very professional, focused, always thinking ahead and pulled off some fantastic scenes.  She is willing to work physically hard to get the best out of all that surrounds her. An absolute pleasure to be around both on and off set."


- Daran Holliman, (actor)




"Anna was really good in my short film (Green-Eyed Monster) and really put her all into giving a good performance. Would definitely recommend her for any confident female character role."


- Danielle Barron, (film director)



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