Anna Alfieri is an Italian born, London bred and currently Berlin based actress and filmmaker.


She began her professional acting training in 2007 at First Studio Theatre (Teatro Primo Studio) in Milan, where she trained in method acting for 2 years. 


In 2009 she moved to London, furthering her training at Richmond Drama School, City Lit and the Actors Centre.


Between 2011 and 2016 Anna was cast in numerous theatre and film productions, whilst juggling between part time jobs.

In 2017, following a period of great pain and frustration coming from her lack of artistic satisfaction, coupled with the very dramatic breakdown of her first relationship with a girl, Anna managed to turn all the pain she was feeling into her creative power by giving birth to her very personal guerrilla-arthouse project, 'BORDERLINE', inspired by her true life events. 

Following a test screening in California in 2019 and numerous recuts, the film finally had an official premiere at IFFI GOA 2021 (World Panorama section), "BORDERLINE" was released in more than 20 cinemas in South Korea on April 16, 2021.

The film was recently acquired by German distributor Salzgeber and had its German premiere on the 3rd of September at QUEER FILM FESTIVAL in 11 cities in Germany and Austria.


BORDERLINE is currently available on Amazon prime, Vimeo on demand and YouTube in all German speaking territories


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