Anna Alfieri is an Italian born, London based actress and filmmaker.

She started her acting training at a small school in Milan (First Studio Theatre) in 2007, where she studied method acting for 2 years and was lucky enough to have teachers like Barbara Enrichi (David di Donatello award winner with "il Ciclone") as her mentors.

Missing to see herself reflected in the Italian film and TV scenery, in 2009 she moved to London, where she furthered her training at Richmond Drama School and later attending several acting for the camera and Meisner courses.


Between 2013 and 2016, whilst juggling between freelance jobs, Anna was cast in numerous film and theatre productions, where she could cut her teeth as an actress and simultaneously acquire some basic filmmaking tools.

Following the dramatic breakdown of her first lesbian relationship, the end of 2016 was the catalyst for the coming to life of "BORDERLINE", whose seeds had however been planted for a while.


"BORDERLINE" was my way of surviving one of my most traumatic life phases. And the heartbreak was merely one side of it. For a long while I had been living with an unbearable, deeply rooted sense of personal dissatisfaction due to the fact that I wasn't able to find a creative outlet for what I was feeling. Facing my demons and using them to create was my way of freeing myself from that pain - what the ancient Greeks use to refer to as "catharsis" - by sharing with the world a message I was beyond desperate to share and enabling me to finally express myself, not merely as an actress, but as a creator too and more broadly as a human being. I truly felt like I was on a mission to inspire others to do the same, particularly those affected by mental health issues, so I hope my film will eventually serve that purpose. -

BORDERLINE was entirely improvised around a 10 pages plot outline, shot in 3 countries (UK, France, Italy) with an entirely guerrilla approach and a set crew of 2 people.

The film had an official premiere at IFFI GOA (World Panorama section) in 2021, to which followed a theatrical release in more than 20 cinemas in South Korea.

Recently the film was acquired by German distributor Salzgeber, had its German premiere in 11 cities in Germany and Austria as part of the QUEER FILM FESTIVAL, then at the LESBIAN NON BINARY FILM FEST in Berlin, and lately at the QUEER FESTIVAL HEIDELBERG. Borderline is currently available on Amazon Prime in all German speaking territories.


The film has also just been part of the 37th edition of the LOVERS FILM FESTIVAL in Turin (Italy's biggeest LGBT film festival) last April and will be part of the ZEFESTIVAL in South of France next Autumn! 


“Borderline” is currently represented by international sales agent Media Luna New Films and will soon have its UK and USA release.

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