Hey there, my name is Anna Alfieri and I am an Italian born, London based, non-binary (though I really dislike labels and don't believe they are at all important) actress and filmmaker.

I started my professional acting training at a small, groundbreaking school in Milan called "First Studio Theatre" in 2007. There I trained in method acting for 2 years and was very lucky to be coached by teachers of the likes of Barbara Enrichi (David di Donatello award winner with "il Ciclone").


Though I don't consider myself a crazy method fanatic, I guess there were very profound reasons for this to be my very first approach to acting, which perhaps go a bit beyond the technique itself...


Missing to see myself reflected in the Italian film and TV scenery and having therefore zero desire to be part of it, in 2009 I moved to London, where I furthered my training, first attending Sam Rumbelow's method acting classes for a few months, then Richmond Drama School for a year (which made me go all the opposite of method), and lastly several Meisner and advanced camera acting classes at City Lit.


Between 2013 and 2016 I was auditioning like crazy, taking part to as many projects I could get my hands on, aware that my real training ground was going to be the set or stage itself. During these years I was cast in numerous film and theatre productions, whilst juggling between freelance part time jobs.

In 2017 I experienced the biggest mental breakdown I had in years. I was struggling to cope with the constant feelings of rejection I was experiencing as an actress and the lack of significant roles in productions that had any artistic relevance to me, or that would enable me to pay the bills. For the very first time, I was beginning to see all my hopes of ever being able to make a living from acting slowly fade away. A thought that, at the time, felt more painful than death itself!


It was that crazy internal turmoil, coupled with the heartbreak produced by the sudden, very dramatic breakdown of my first lesbian relationship that enabled me to give birth to my own autobiographical guerrilla-arthouse film, 'BORDERLINE'.


"BORDERLINE" was a way for me to survive one of the most traumatic phases of my life, sharing with the world a message I was beyond desperate to share and enabling me to finally be in a film which was going to reflect who I was, not only as an actress, but also as a human and more broadly as an artist. 

I wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film, overlooking all aspects of production.

The film was entirely improvised around a 12 pages plot outline (for a total of 40 hours of footage), shot in 3 different countries (UK, France, Italy), made with a total crew of 5 people on top of me and with a total budget of £40,000.

After 4 endless years, innumerable final cuts and re-cuts, a progress screening in California in 2019 and a broken distribution contract with a rather well known distributor, the film finally had an official premiere at IFFI GOA (World Panorama) in January 2021, to which followed a THEATRICAL RELEASE in South Korea in April 2021.

More recently BORDERLINE was acquired by German LGBT distributor "Edition Salzgeber", had its German premiere on the 3rd of September at QUEER FILM FESTIVAL, screening in 11 cities in Germany and Austria, and later in December at the LESBIAN NON BINARY FILM FEST in Berlin. It has also just been selected for the 37th edition of the Lovers Film Festival in Turin and will have its Italian premiere at the end of Apri!

What to say? It's been a hell of a journey really, and well... Recovery is still in progress!


BORDERLINE is currently available on Amazon Prime in all German speaking territories and is represented by Media Luna New Films (World Sales).

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