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Hey everyone, I am Anna...

... And as I am about to approach my 15th year as a Londoner, I now seem to struggle even more to still retain a bit of my Italian identity.

My acting training started in 2007 at "First Studio Theatre" an independent school in Milan - where I trained in Method Acting for two years. Both my desperate need to move abroad and my inability to picture myself within the Italian film and TV scenery made me run to London in 2009 where I went on training at Richmond Drama School for a year, followed by several advanced courses at the Actor's Temple and City Lit for another couple of years. 


Between 2012 and 2016 I was auditioning like there was no tomorrow and ended up being cast in numerous film and theatre productions, where I could cut my teeth as an actress and simultaneously learn how films were made.


The end of 2016 was the catalyst for the coming to life of my own super personal feature, "BORDERLINE", whose seeds had however been planted for a while. 


I ended up writing, producing, directing, editing and acting in my own autobiographical film, initially really more as a necessity than a choice, but soon realising it was the whole creative process I was truly in love with, beyond acting itself.

"BORDERLINE" was entirely improvised around a 12 pages plot outline (for a total of 40 hours of footage), shot in 3 countries (UK, France, Italy), made with a set crew of 2 people and with a total budget of £30K.


Following a preview screening of my first directors cut at Cinequest in California in 2019 where I was lucky enough to get the attention of my dream distributor - Wolfe Releasing - the film's official premiere was held at IFFI Goa 2021 (World Panorama) - the biggest and oldest festival of Asia.

The film went on to having a cinema release in over 20 cinemas in South Korea and upon being acquired by German distributor Edition Salzgeber screened in 11 cities in Germany and Austria as part of the Queer film festival, on top of others around Europe amongst which the "Lovers Film Festivals" in Turin.

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